June 24, 2007


There's this game I play with J & K. It involves a question like "if you had to.... what would it be?" "If you were a .... and this happened what would you do?"

It's either met with serendipitous joy and a creative answer or rolls of the eyes. I shall now extend these options and this opportunity to you.

I recently read the Wikipuss for Nguyen Loan. You may remember him as the fellow in the iconic Vietnam picture executing a Vietcong soldier, pictured here. Read the entry for a higher understanding of the situation. That situation is not what this post is about, what it is about is this: in 1975, he moved to Virginia and opened a pizza shop until he was discovered in 1990. I know this is graphic picture, but it's actually the largest copy of it I could find on the net and I want to encourage higher quality photos.

The question is, If you were an infamous war icon, dictator, criminal etc and you had to move to another country and have another profession,what would it be?

K: Move to North Korea and write poems about how great Kim Jong Ill is.

J: Move to the naked city in the south of France and sell chocolate

What's is your answer?


Greg said...

I'd become a shepherd in Ireland; only I'd have to live in Dublin because I would get tired of saying "I'm from just outside of Dublin".

Whiskeymarie said...

I'd move to Canada and become a Therapist.
The weather is cooler there and I'd like to have a reason to wear my glasses more.

Jan Bosman said...

H: Move to Italy and stomp on grapes to make wine.

J: Move to Vietnam and drive a rickshaw, with no shoes and one of those sweet hats.