June 15, 2007

a new low

Tonight I overheard one of the regulars talking to a friend who also had come in to the store. He introduced his friend to his grand daughter, whom he was chatting with on an IM client with a webcam. That's right. You can now introduce people over the internet. This is probably old hat to some, but it's new to me.

Until now the geekiest thing I've come across was Instant Messaging someone sitting right next to me. This was useful because we both had headphones in and were in the middle of several different trains of thought, not to mention what we had to say to each other was not dire, it could wait.

Maybe it's that I don't particularly care for the person in question, maybe he's just not geeky enough for me to appreciate this as a normal thing to do. Maybe I shouldn't judge an eavesdropped conversation.

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