June 18, 2007

I moved from Virginia to Hawai'i in the beginning of this year. Hawai'i and most of the rest of the US have different laws regarding their insurance, so I had to get a new policy number for our new car.

I have a new policy number and I want to get access to it online, but I can't log in with my old logon credentials because it was linked to my last policy number which has been canceled. I called their internet help desk to find out that the user name I had is now forever linked to that policy and there is no way to link it to the new policy number. I think this is dumb. If the user name is solely linked to just one policy number, you can never have more than one policy and you can never change the policy on it, why have a user name? Why not just log in with my policy number?

Also their website is dumb. It can clearly be seen that the tab I'm currently on does not infact have a title. I'm on the blue tab, not a clearly labeled green. I see several gecko's a day here and they're way more skittish than that accented fellow on TV.

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