April 21, 2014

Netflix streaming

We canceled Netflix streaming service about 6 weeks ago because we were spending too much time watching videos.  It was a little uncomfortable getting used finding other stimuli but I've given up entertainment to accomplish a goal before.

Since giving up Netflix we've
  • cleared the opening to our driveway and can now use it, 9 months after installation. 
  • Cleaned the attic. Rats, dead rats, rat poop & pee and nests. Cleaned up and bleached.
  • Processed the strawberry guavie in our front yard 6 months after cutting them down
  • Installed Manjaro on my laptop
  • Built a terraced garden ready for planting
  • Planted ti plants which Lani promptly ate.

We have a guest coming tomorrow so we turned the streaming service back on and we still can't find anything to watch.

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