October 9, 2012

Quick EDC

adaptation to a new environment has expanded my EDC.  Here's the quick breakdown.

  • National Guard backpack, gift from Maker Space in MA.  Pretty well designed with compartments where I'd want them. I wish the water bottle was accessible outside of the pack. Large compartment, smaller for paperwork. Minor gripes, Camelbak does not integrate, there's no MOLLE.   It has a strap across the chest connecting the vertical arm straps which is really comforting cruising around corners on the moped. I keep a ToGo-Ware kit with chopsticks, knife, spoon and fork; all wooden. No more disposable tableware when I eat out.
  • Leatherperson 300 Supertool black.  I'm still getting it broken in so it's still pretty stiff, but I like it about the same as the last Leatherperson Core.
  • Baotian scooter
    • change of clothes
    • bright orange rain jacket.
  • Optimus V.  It barely functions at my job, but the unlimited data has saved me crusign around town.  It doesn't download or update apps anymore.  eh. Waiting for the RePublic offer I guess.
  • Buff - headband used at BM but primarily as helment liner.

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