December 2, 2009


Someone special came to visit for Thanksgiving. It was exactly perfect. Difficult and busy but splendid and refreshing; it was needed. But now, after a week away, I'm back to work and it's taking a little getting used to. Getting the time off was easy, boss didn't even want a reason.
I took a break to go home and put on socks and shoes to cover up my pedicured toesies from the mocking eyes of middle schoolers.
My work friend asked how I enjoyed my vacation. I scoffed, that was no vacay! It was work, it was driving, it was expensive. My primary purpose was to take care of my girl and everything else was secondary. It's something I'd forgotten; to be so preoccupied with someone else.


Debbie said...

Love that pic of your beautiful toes. I got a pedi today with some bling - I'll show ya tomorrow.

Skull Garden said...

Those are the cutest damn toes :)