December 15, 2009

Closure part 2

An ordeal has finally ended. 20 months ago I had my wisdom teeth removed. During that procedure the adjacent tooth's root was broken.

To CYA my surgeon paid for:
  • A root canal which could not recover the tooth
  • I then had another extraction
  • A bone graft of someone else's bone shards and
  • Another bone graft of someone else's bone shards
  • An implant
  • An uncovering
  • A failed molding during which the implant was pushed up into my sinus
  • A surgery to remove the implant impacted in my sinus.
When the implant made it to my sinus I couldn't form a seal in my mouth. I couldn't use a straw. Breathing vibrated the nerve in the open canal and was very uncomfortable. 
The new surgeon that removed the titanium implant said that the prosthetic tooth is not even necessary because of how much the teeth overlap, so the entire procedure could've been avoided.

My dentist is awesome though and when I went by today to show them the titanium implant I asked for copies of my X-Rays. They didn't know how to export them from the computer so they let me do it. They also gave me chocolate covered short bread cookies. I brought them tangerines.

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