December 5, 2009

Closure part 1

I leave HI in 3 weeks. Today serves as a good milestone for the beginning of the end. To help cope with leaving I'll write some cheerful notes about the communities I'll be leaving.

Tonight marks my last 2600 meeting in Hilo. This is a meeting I started over a year ago with a rocky beginning and a successful legacy.

It began with me, lobst4r and Kitten Viscous sitting around talking about data storage. Tonight had 6 of us chatting up a storm. A member from our church comes, a former engineer, it was like play time for him. He brought bricked Linksys routers and he was so excited that everyone was excited about them. When his wife came to get him I said "thanks for letting Jim come out to play!"

I have some awesome friends in this group and it has always been a pleasure to talk with people interested in the same things but with a different approach and perspective. No one else gets excited about neodymium magnets like they do.

There's a 2600 meeting about 1/2 hr from where I'll be in MA, I just hope they're as awesome as the group I'm leaving.

I'm glad the group will continue to meet after I leave.

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Unknown said...

i get excited about your "singing monkey balls" because i know you get excited about the existence of "singing monkey balls..." i've had those damn things for such a long time but they were definitely meant for you...