October 10, 2008


Here I am on the business end of western civilization. Where corruption is ridden with mirth. I always thought it was war that would unstabalize our world, but it appears to be economies. The tools we use to measure debt owed buckles under the load.
We're too apathetic to protest, instead hoping that a candidate with the best propaganda will fix everything in only 4 years, if he isn't killed. The only action I feel will represent how I feel is to leave my strongest middle finger for the unapologetic captains of our downfall to see.

I sink time into DIY projects because that's all I can control, I spend my time reading technical blogs because they're impartial. Technical concepts become standards because they're adapted by the majority. It cuts away the impractical or overly complex and usually the standard chosen is best. Even when it's not, its successor usually is.

Internet was supposed level the playing field. your very own laptop can cost as little as $350. To give anyone and everyone a voice. Free services for everyone to express what they want, to focus and draw out the corruption, to stop these 1% filthy fuckers from taking advantage of everything in their sights.
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