October 3, 2008


A gentleman on Craigslist wanted a desktop with a 250GB drive. He offered a flute for trade. The Mrs. plays flute. I had a Poweredge SC420 that was not being used. Well the motherboard and case were not being used.
I took the p4 2.8 chip, power supply & 1GB memory from my desktop, a 300GB drive from my WHS and used a Dell OEM disc to install XP Pro.

Here are my replacement parts:
$30 - p4 3.06 - 64 bit too which is a major upgrade for me. Unfortunately I gave up my fourth GB of memory so I can't take advantage of it just yet.
$50 Antec Earthwatt PSU. It's 80+ certified.
$85 WD 640AAKS

I traded the PSU into my WHS because it runs 24/7. The cpu and hard drive are nice upgrades for me. I've been looking forward to running a 64 bit OS for almost a year and am now on the cusp of it!

The Mrs. got her flute and is excited. She's played while our roomate plays guitar.
Internet delivers


Jay Bazuzi said...

Nice! There's so much stuff in the world in the wrong place - a little trading can do wonders.

I am on a ferry, crossing the Puget Sound. I paid a few bucks to use their WiFi, which I'll make back if I work. But I'm reading your blog instead.

Unknown said...

Brilliant! You are walking the walk dear man...