October 3, 2008


A gentleman on Craigslist wanted a desktop with a 250GB drive. He offered a flute for trade. The Mrs. plays flute. I had a Poweredge SC420 that was not being used. Well the motherboard and case were not being used.
I took the p4 2.8 chip, power supply & 1GB memory from my desktop, a 300GB drive from my WHS and used a Dell OEM disc to install XP Pro.

Here are my replacement parts:
$30 - p4 3.06 - 64 bit too which is a major upgrade for me. Unfortunately I gave up my fourth GB of memory so I can't take advantage of it just yet.
$50 Antec Earthwatt PSU. It's 80+ certified.
$85 WD 640AAKS

I traded the PSU into my WHS because it runs 24/7. The cpu and hard drive are nice upgrades for me. I've been looking forward to running a 64 bit OS for almost a year and am now on the cusp of it!

The Mrs. got her flute and is excited. She's played while our roomate plays guitar.
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