December 2, 2007


There are too many digital photographs in the world. There's too much data. Google has made a sweet dime organizing it. I'm taking advantage of it and adding to the excess.

I'm almost tired of talking about a few of these pictures, because I was so proud of them when i took them that I told everyone I knew about it, I looked at them all the time for inspiration and now I'm sick of them So here is the last time I'll present some of these unless there's money involved.

The swimming pool was taken at 1am with 25" exposure, almost no light and is probably the best technical picture I have.

I like this one because of the motion blur. Again this involved long exposure, I think 4-6". Failing light around 7pm.

Sometimes my composition hurts it's so good. I took this last night in Captain Cooks' Memorial. I would've grabbed a few more pictures but I was quickly reminded about taking pictures of people I don't know.

In case you think these are super awesome and need to add another feed to your reader, you can keep an eye on my fancy pictures. Here's the feed


Anonymous said...

These are so beautiful!!!

Whiskeymarie said...

Holy cats these are stupendous!

I would like #2 in, oh...a 11X14", o.k?

See what you can do about that.

Very, very, very nice.

Unknown said...

Holy Cow! These are incredibly beautiful! TAKE MORE and MORE!

Sandy said...

Thanks ladies.