December 14, 2007

Publishing Short Stories

The two previous posts have been waiting to see the light of Internet for almost a month. I've been debating how to publish these stories. I thought about Scribd, I considered submitting it to a short story zine or two. I knew I wasn't publishing for money and I didn't want anyone else to control it. I also knew that I didn't want to create another account with another site and that's really what helped me decide to go with Google Docs.

I didn't read about publishing rights like I wanted to, so I'm not sure what they're covered under. If you're interested in republishing these or using them leave me a comment and we can work something out.

Ninja Edit:
I meant to end this post with a question. Have you ever published anything, in physical media or on Internet? What experience did you have, what avenues did you pursue?


Whiskeymarie said...

I'm too chicken to post this sort of thing (non-"bloggy" stuff- actual literature), let alone try to publish it. I'll keep mine locked away for now.
So, I've got nothing to enlighten you with. Sorry.

But I really liked both stories. Your writing reminds me a lot of several Japanese writers I like. Brief, spare, yet not lacking depth or detail.
Little, seemingly fleeting moments captured permanently.

Cindy Daniels said...

I liked your stories also. As a tip I publish my work on a site called Booksie. It's designed just for literature and there are thousands of other writers, etc. You might want to check it out.


Sandy said...

Thanks for your comments, the both of you.

I took a look at Booksie, it seems very similar to Scribd. While both sites would probably provide much more exposure than my blog (I probably have about 10 readers), I would need to create another account which I'm not interested in doing.

I don't create enough content to merit that sort of work. If I ever to give up this life of PC repair and start writing, maybe that'll be the way to go.

Maybe I can publish under Google Scholar