October 25, 2007

Island living.

I went to the dental hygienist this morning to get a cleaning done, it'd been a while and I dearly needed it. What is interestinga bout this is that I was given two avocados on the way out. When leaving the dentist, I left with more avocados than I came in with.

The other errand I had today was to call an Archery shop and find out where the shop is located and what the hours are. The internet listed only a name and phone number. I called and found out the hours are 5pm-9pm Monday through Friday, the person on the phone didn't know any prices for any of the equipment and the directions she gave sound like they're to a house in the middle of HPP. My guess is this guy sells archery equipment out of his basement after work and before bed in order to finance his own archery endeavors. I think the lady I spoke to is his mom.

Anyone have a couple of dozen arrows they don't use? I'll pay shipping.


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Whiskeymarie said...

"When leaving the dentist, I left with more avocados than I came in with."

That is the most random and funny thing I've heard in a while.

I'm going to the dentist next week- this time I'm demanding avocados.

videorose said...

i had the strange feeling of having read this when I read it (i believe for the first time) today. anyway. i want to invite you to be able to post on breakdancinggodzilla.blogspot.com (if you want to) but i don't have your email address..... send it to me! rvincelli?gmail