October 18, 2007

Old Crow

The Mrs. PI and I got into a conversation today about cheap toilet paper and how god awful it is. How it's a PITA to use and how ineffective it can be. I concurred and instantly made a short list of things I do not like to buy less than top shelf of.

  • Headlights. The difference between $15 and $25 lamps can be your car
  • Olive oil, if it's not Extra Virgin, it's not EVOO
  • Toilet paper
  • Computer memory.
  • LCD monitors.
  • Bras. The most powerful force on the planet need support

What are your top shelf buys?


Jay Bazuzi said...

- Milk ($10/gal)

- Eggs

- Running shoes

- Computer cases

Sandy said...

You guys have the best milk and butter.

Greg said...


Rain-X windshield wipers

agreement on the TP

wine (for me and my lady friend)

Whiskeymarie said...

Chocolate- I can't stand when it's cheap and grainy.

Socks- If I have to wear the foot tourniquets, they might as well be nice.

Meat. Of any kind.

Booze. Unless it's been a bad day- then anything will do.

Oh, and for whatever reason I don't care at all about what kind of t.p. we use- go figure.

videorose said...

-cheese: thou there is a place for velveeta and 88 slices of american cheese - im a snob about this.
-vegetables: im trying not to buy food from stupid far away (citrus & avacado might be a good excepton thou). local = fresher. not always possible when you're living on an island, though.
-i own but don't drive a car currently, but i'll keep your windsheild wiper and headlamp tips for later.
i also agree with the above on chocolate & toilet paper.

Sandy said...

I'm not living in the Aleutians :)
If I want citrus fruit I pick them off the tree.

Anonymous said...

-Trash bags: Nothing sucks more than the bag breaking halfway down the stairs. Ugh.

-Cat food: Two words: cat farts. I'll pay a few bucks more to avoid them.

-Cheese: Give me the good stuff.

-Dark Chocolate: Frankly, no chocolate at all is better than bad chocolate. I know, that makes me a freak, but I don't care. That's how I roll!

-And I'll agree with you on Bras item. Incidentally, I was wondering why suddenly the stats for the "Tits" post were back up! A-ha! Good work!