September 21, 2007

ToDo: Make to do list

How do you keep track of your to dos? I'm a fan of to do lists, but I think that a hard copy of a to do list is not nearly dynamic enough for my needs. I like something I can access from work, my pda, home and any other internetted computer. A widget that works on my google hompage would be nice too.
Google does make a To Do list and there are tonnes if you search. I guess my needs in order of importance

mark items as completed but not removed from the list
ability to share specific items with specific people
Works with Google start page
easily synced with an offline pda

And just for kicks, here's my to do list this weekend:
  • Buy car washing soap
  • wash car
  • put NIN sticker on bumper
  • burn CDs / DVDs for friend
  • assemble tattoo
What's on your list this weekend?


Jay Bazuzi said...

My Pocket PC Phone will sync with an Exchange Server. Then my tasks appear in Outlook at work, on my phone, and in Outlook Web Access on any PC.

Certain classes of TODO items I keep in special places. For TODO items in the software I'm working on, I usually use the bug tracking system. If I'm just trying to keep track of what I want to do *today*, I don't want to spend much time wih the list, so I use a Side Note in OneNote. Outside of work, I try to keep the list of things I need to do small enough to fit in my head.

This weekend:

- Keep kids while Julie does work on the house, or visits with friends, or both.

- Skipper the Center for Wooden Boats' public sail on Sunday.

- Log in to work periodically. My current project takes 12 hours to run a full end-to-end test, so 15 minutes of work here & there goes a long way.

Jay Bazuzi said...

A friend who used to wash cars for a dealership swore by ivory liquid. It's cheap, effective, and doesn't leave a residue.

Whiskeymarie said...

Things that needed to get done that I executed with flying colors:

Drink wine.
Clean house.
Make bran muffins.
Shop more.
Get some culture in the form of a play.
Ignore computer, with the unfortunate exception of drunk blogging Saturday night.
Shop online.

PurgeandSerge said...

well ok, it wasn't ALL sleep that i did in my guest bed... :-) but i would like to go out/do more at night next time.

lately i have found that i feel i have less and less to talk about on my blog... i feel monotonous.

my list for this weekend:

-clean house
-make jewelry
-buy groceries
-do french homework
-go to the gym
-clean litter boxes
-find someone to give me endless pleasure

i'll let you know how it all pans out.

Sandy said...

doing french homework sounds so much more romantic that it probably is.