September 11, 2007


Princess Superstar. I'm pretty sure she's my new favorite music person. She does this song about quitting smoking. I wish I'd had it when I quit. If you recognize her buuurilliance and want the rest let me know.

Yikes, what tiny worthless posts. It's not my fault I'm going through a dry spell.

Oh! Wait. I forgot to tell you how awesome Frontalot is. I came across a pirated copy of his new album, which I like immensely. I didn't want a physical CD because.... well I keep all my music on a computer but I wanted to pay him for his efforts. So I shot him an email and we worked out a solution. I ended up donating $25 to his fan club. How cool?

One of the few groups that have embraced digital music and realized that many of their fans use computers is NIN. In a cool move Trent released all the master tracks for many songs for free on his own site. The idea being you can download and remix them. Here's a bunch of these remixes:
If you head to you can find videos, high quality widscreen backgrounds.
You might also notice that the last stop on their tour is a slice of meat in the sandwich isles on which I live.
Mrs PI and I have tickets, plane tickets, hotel reservations and a car rental. My plan is to catch up with them on Waikiki the next day as it's the last stop on their tour. Of course they'll be on the beach.

HA! Still a worthless post.


Jan Bosman said...

I want more Princess.

Whiskeymarie said...

I wish I could embrace music on my computer, but I am pretty sure am too stupid to figure out how to get it there.
Love the Princess.

Jay Bazuzi said...

Awesome song.