April 16, 2014

Clearing the driveway

I watch Wranglerstar a lot. I don't really care for the guy but he does a lot and he makes a lot of videos so there's always something to watch. He's from the Northwest so his challenges of winter and woodstoves are not mine, he's also very well funded. I tried Yankeeprepper but the first video I saw was called Rules for Being a Man and the first rule was to not read directions. The rest of the rules were just as stupid.

I wish there was a Hawai'i Homesteading channel. I think that if I can't find one that means I should make it.

I spend most Saturdays working on our land. Wifey has a Saturday shift so it's a nice time to spend in the yard. We want a lanai extension in the back but that land has to be cleared. Before that we want to use the driveway and the opening has to be widened and cleared. That's what I'm focusing on now.

Mostly it's moving brush and dead ferns. I pile it up about 100 feet away in an area we don't use yet. I hope it's a while before we do because I don't want to move it again. The land is rocky, bumpy and over grown so using a wheelbarrow is difficult. Long sleeves are hot in HI so doing this by hand leaves a lot of scratches. Those scratches are a good badge of accomplishment.

Once the brush is cleared I have to widen the entrance. There's a straight path to the road but the delta is pretty narrow for ingress and egress and there's a steep drop on either side. Luckily we have lots of blue rock (lava rock) to fill with. I may not get to that this weekend but soon. Fill in in the big areas with big rocks first, then smaller rocks and smaller still. Once the big stuff is done I'll cover it with cinder to fill in the gaps. I imagine I'll have to keep filling it in as it settles.

These are the projects in front of me.

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