December 10, 2013

Metro effectual

I've had Windows 8 on my laptop for over a year.  It's an i5 with 8gb RAM. It has a capacitive single touch screen.  Metro didn't make any sense, I navigate it with mouse / touchpad and keyboard.  I found myself actively avoiding the Start page and it's been annoying to use Windows.  
A friend purchased a Venue 8 Pro on Black Friday and I got to play wit it and Metro finally made sense!  When used with a touch interface then it's just fine. Even the MS Store showed some value.  Having a one size fits all OS does seem to work in my opinion.

There's too much confusion and blurring of product lines:

  • Windows 8 for desktop, laptops and tablets.
  • Windows 8 for ARM tablets
  • Windows 8 mobile for phones
The Metro interface has no business being on a server.  That's the worst way to get people to move to a core install.  Especially if the Server Manager only runs on current edition of the client.

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