June 10, 2013

Pushing Wifi profile in MDT 2012

Surprisingly undocumented how to deploy a WiFi profile.  I guess best practices says to use RADIUS but that is beyond the scope of most SMB Sysadmins ability.  This will do in a pinch when you just need to skip the step of manually entering in the wireless key for each machine.  Keep in mind that this will store the key in clear text, as configured by the key=clear switch. Pretty much everyone already has access to the Wifi anyway, we only have security to keep the general public at bay.

Thanks to Serverfault for helping me put this together

Show the network profiles:
c:\netsh wlan show networks

Identify and export WLAN profile to XML
c:\netsh wlan export profile name=”SSID” key=clear

Copy the XML file to MDT DeploymentShare\Applications

In MDT create a new Task Sequence for Run Command Line:
netsh wlan add profile filename=WiFi 

Start in:

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