December 6, 2012

Scan to email with the WorkCentre

UPDATE 8/2014 - For some reason Scan to Email stopped functioning.  Login Credentiasl for the Machine to access the MSTP server stopped authenticating, changing its value to none.  It's a radio button so it shouldn't be difficult to reinstate but it would not commit when using Chrome.  So, YMMV, but I highly recommend using IE when making configuration changes.

At work I've been struggling to get scan to email working for two Xerox WorkCentre MFPs, the 7125 and 7545. We use Google Apps for Education and I want to use the Google SMTP server, but I had a very difficult time getting it to actually work despite following Google's guide and the Administrator's guide from Xerox.  I found very little useful information on the web when troubleshooting, some people suggested STunnel which may have worked but would have added an additional layer of complexity.  

The solution was different for each model. For the WC 7125, SSL has to be enabled before being configured on the SMTP page.

WorkCentre 7125

  • Set the 7125 to use SSL: 
    • Properties 
      • Security 
        • SSL / TLS Settings 
          • SMTP - SSL / TLS Communication [Set to] SSL/ TLS 

Configure SMTP server

  • CentreWare IS, click Properties > Connectivity > Protocols > SMTP Server 
    • SMTP Server Setup: STATIC 
    • SMTP Server IP Address / Host Name: 
    • Port number sending email: 465 
    • SMTP - SSL / TLS Communication: *SSL / TLS 
    • Machineʻs email address: [dedicated service account]
  • Scroll down
    • Login Credentials for the Machine to access the SMTP Server to send automated e-mails: SMTP AUTH 
    • Login Name: [dedicated service account] 
    • Login Credentials for E-mail Send: System

The WorkCentre 7545 was just being a jerk. All the correct setting were in place but it still could not send email. The solution was a firmware upgrade and restoring defaults to the SMTP config page. I reentered the settings after restoring defaults and both of those together restored scan to email functionality. I guess Xerox excels at printing, not webpage management.

WorkCentre 7545
  • Properties -> General Setup -> SMTP (E-Mail) 
    • Required Information 
    • Specify SMTP server manually, Hostname: 
    • Multifunction Device E-mail Address: [dedicated service account] 
  • SMTP Authentication 
    • SMTP Login credentials: System 
      • Login Name: [dedicated service account] 
    • Connection Encyrption: SSL / TLS

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