March 22, 2012

It is a privilege to fight

Blood alone moves the wheels of history

About 4 months ago I mentioned I built an iPad management server and would be presenting at NERCOMP.

Well, I did it.

And it turns out that I'm not a very good public speaker, but I have a few items on my side:
  1. Technical difficulties immediately prior and we presented on a shifty laptop that seemed to forward through the slides of its own accord
  2. The venue was the ball room and most of the crowd sat in the back which made it difficult to tell who I was talking to and how many people were present
  3. I never practiced my presentation mic'd. When I heard my voice on the microphone I was intimidated and I spoke quietly and it was amplified more to compensate. 
I remember standing up, beginning my presentation, a buzzing in my ears, and then sitting back down when it was over. Oh boy. What a mess! But I did it. I didn't back down, I didn't say fuck and I didn't throw up. 

The most embarrassing aspect was that my entire presentation, the process for building the server, was a line item for our co presenters. They took an entirely different approach about integrating iPads into the curriculum, encouraging them to be used and giving out iTunes gift cards to their Faculty to explore and experiment.

I'll talk about the technical aspects of my topic in another post.

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