January 30, 2012


Someone broke into my car a while back. It was an frustrating experience: $3,000 worth of damage, 6 weeks in a rental.

A coworker felt really bad. He felt a little responsible, as he confided in me that when he was young he had broken in a few cars.  There is no direct way to undo the damage for that.  But I think he did the best thing possible: he cleaned up his act.  He is working in an IT department, has a beautiful wife, home and cats. He's honest and loyal and he has completely changed his life away from his old ways.

Because of that, I am able to forgive the jokers that broke into my car. Hopefully they'll be motivated to change their life one day.  All things considered, I was probably the best one to be broken into, too. I have insurance, I have a job. It was an inconvenience to me but my life was not permanently changed for the worse. Nothing was seriously destroyed or stolen.

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Abby - Bright Yellow World said...

Sandy, I needed this today. Thank you. You are pretty awesome, my friend.