November 8, 2010

By the sword we seek peace

  1. The first time they took some quarters and two granola bars and I didn't get angry because they were clearly hungry and didn't break anything.
  2. The second time they set the alarm off and I was a little annoyed to have to wake up in the middle of the night.
  3. This is the third time someone has broken into the car. Sunday morning brought this little gem and Springfield's ugly war boot crushed our Hawaiian petal.
They took my car's manual, a hair brush and a neck tie, then dumped them 50' away under a street lamp. You can see the rock in the first picture, it took down my rear-view mirror and the windshield-wiper lever. The wipers are now stuck on high.

The cops didn't even get out of their car when filing the report and were more interested in talking to me about Hawai'i than the incident. I had been giving New England the benefit of the doubt. No more.

Now you get nothing.
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