November 2, 2010

Neck Ties.

On one extreme they're useless, on the other they try and murder me.

Don't try and bend over to look at something because it'll be there blocking your view saying NO WAY, ME FIRST.
Need to lean forward to pull in your chair to eat? GUESS WHAT, I'M IN YOUR PIZZA
Want to protect IP at work and shred some paper? WATCH OUT, BRO, IMMA MERC YOU.


kevin said...

word! how did a weird little neckcloth ever get so popular?

have you tried some of the many different ways to tie a tie?

or maybe you could rock the bolo tie! it's like a belt buckle for your neck! and with those little metal ends the paper shredder would sure learn it's lesson. you might need to get a cowboy hat, though.

Unknown said...

i like the ascot... let's bring that back...