June 26, 2011

My server only likes one stick of ram. A specific one. I've tried five other sticks and it won't POST with them.

The stick in question is a 2GB 6400 DDR2 FATAL1TY brand RAM I got with a year of NOD32 for $10 about 3 years ago.

Samsung, Hynix and Nanya brands, like my motherboard does not. The goal is to get 4GB of RAM to comfortably install a Hyper V server and one or two virtual servers to start learning at home all the things I want to do at work.

Main goal is to provide roaming profiles for our accounts. I want Jessie to log into any machine and have the same experience, this does make it difficult when she stores DVD rips to the desktop, but she probably just needs training.

Other goals include File server, Group Policy, Printer Server, DHCP, DNS and Windows Deployment Services. These are pretty standard things, but I need to understand them thoroughly.

I'm planning on RAID 1 boot drives, 3 x 1TB RAID 5 file server. I have a 640GB for backups, I will need to expand that. Currently I have 2 x 1TB WD Green & 1 x 1 TB WD Black. for the RAID 5 I want matching drives and I'm OK with using Green for the array, I'm don't need a lot of performance.  It does seem like a waste to use a Black drive only for backups though. And purchasing 1TB drives now is not very cost effective, but purchasing 3 x 2TB drives is not in my budget.

I wish work would shed a few drives my way.

What  I really want is a new server, but that's certainly not in my budget. A nice little Poweredge would do me just fine.

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