June 21, 2011

Baccalaureate day one

Wife finished final day of field work last Friday. Friend came to visit for the weekend. Monday they left. Tuesday alone. It consisted of:

Morning walk with dog
While getting attacked by bugs, say goodbye to crossing guard; her final day.
no breakfast but not hungry? 2 cups of coffee.
get to work 15 minutes late but no one notices
come home to walk dog and pick up present*
dinner with co workers at Olive Garden.
give *bucket of dirt to friend
purchase 2 growlers of BBC
   Give gentleman $2
   Walk dog around store
Play TF2
This inspiring blogpost


Jay Bazuzi said...

Tuesday I:

- took twins to school
- made 4 trips to the hardware store
- worked on wiring a subpanel. Got the panel & a receptacle energized.
- ran an extension cord to the van so kids could play Minecraft.
- Rented an orbital floor sander.
- Sanded, vac'd, washed, and painted a 700 sq. ft. yurt platform, with wife.
- Fed friend's goats.
- Grilled burgers, hot dogs, steak.
- Slept very hard.

Jay Bazuzi said...

Also, my *wife* made a trip to a hardware store yesterday, so that's 5 trips for the family.