May 31, 2011


I finally made it to a hackerspace tonight.  An old factory, repurposed as artists spaces, it provides the perfect atmosphere for a workshop.  After meeting a few electrical and mechanical engineers and a lady building an LED guitar I thought to myself: "I only know computers :("
When I told the leader, he said he did not know about computers and boy would they love some help with all the computers!  Hooray!
  I spent my first project on a hacking out a DDWRT firmware on a WRT54GS v7. It's always a little dicey hacking someone else's gear on the first day.  It was a success though and I was able to get ht right firmware on it.  The goal was to use it as a WiFi bridge with a neighbor's wifi, to and then create a more stable signal in our workshop.

I followed all the directions to make it a WiFi bridge, but could not find success. They seemed happy enough to see different firmware on it. I'll try again next week.

I untangled a mess of wires and coiled up accessories neatly (thanks mom) while they showed me all the fancy things they toys they'd built, Van de Graaff generator, egg bot, and an LED lighted guitar using an Arduino.

It will be a good space to bring my infinity mirror.

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