December 26, 2008

Tequila Christmas

Gregmas. Drinking Gregnogg. Today I was alone.
For the first time in a long time. No where to be and no one to be with. Wanted to do something but not sure what. should I asave the new experience to share with the wife? should I do ot for myself and hav eit just for me? well for now lets just drive. it's too late in the day to do anyting too different, so lets explore somewhere small. something that maybe at least a little bit different. First drive to Honoli'i. Its too crowded. Moreso than usual, surpise; it's christmas. Surfing Christmas sounds about right.

Drive around the neighorhood instead looking for something new. Only find rich houses with barriers, made to cut me off and exclude everyone from the veiw. They paid the money so they steal the view. It belongs to the island; which will be here long after they are gone. They paid sp much money to deny everyone else.
Anyway, I found this silly sign showing a dog pooping as if the person who was responsible for the dog's poop didn know, like the sign would change things, like pooping is wrong or detrimental to anything other than asthetics.

After exploring the neighborhood of Honoli'i I headed north a bit more until I found the scenic view sign. I took a sharp right because it came on all of a suden like. Drove for a way and crossed the bridge that I usually find a sound group of peole hanging around. Today it's emtpy. I park the car and secure the camera. Wearing my Gregmas best I advance, roll up my cuffs, stash my slippers and climb my way down, feeling adventerous. I easly find the water. Set up the camera, fire 1, 2, 3 shots. The battery dies.

Climb back out. Pick up empty coronoa bottle on the way out. There's plenty of trash already dumped there but I can recycle this bottle so I take it.

There's sometimes a debate about who's doing more damage to the aina; locals or haole. On a large scale, developement, polution, toxic waste, industry, haole's win by a landslide. For small dumps, refridgerators, microwaves, couches and bags of trash the the locals take the cake. They'd rather dump it and forget about it than have to pay the few dollars to at least have it shipped somehwhere less delicate and exotic than a paici9fic siland.

Well fuck them. They'll blame it on me and that's fine. It'll continue to happen and at least I tooks something. I lessend the load.
Anyway, finsished the evening with above average gaming with Mittens. For that I am grateful.
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Jay Bazuzi said...

"like pooping is wrong or detrimental to anything other than asthetics"

Well, if you have a lot of dogs living in a small space near the water, then chemicals in their poop will run in to the water and help nasty algae blooms. But the problem isn't poop, it's population.

Jan Bosman said...

Yay Mittens!