February 4, 2008

the only way to fix it is to flush it all away

Flooding is another one of nature's recitals that can be added to the list. Hilo is getting a lot of rain right now. This makes for excellent pictures! It's very difficult to shoot in the rain without getting the equipment wet. I missed an amazing photo opportunity at rainbow falls but I just couldnt' bring myself to expose my camera to that kind of rain.

Today we went out again to try and grab a shot of rainbow falls, and while it's still an awesome shot, the falls aren't nearly as big as they were last night. Here's the shot of the day, a drainage canal with a 10" exposure time:

For context of the amount of rain that's been showing up, Rainbow Falls before and after

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Greg said...

The before picture looks like even less water falling than when I was there in July--the fall was so thin the wind was actually blowing the water around as it was falling. That's just amazing seeing that much waterflow in the after shot considering my experience.