February 10, 2008


I like tools. I like having the stuff to do other stuff with.
In the car I have a flash light and an oversize 1st aid kit.
In my backpack I carry a full size leatherperson Core, lock picks and batteries
On my key chain I carry a leatherperson micra (I feel the same way (Leatherperson warranties are the best, I highly recommend their products)), a 4GB USB drive with tonnes of troubleshooting apps, and a red LED light. For a while I had a tiny little maglite on there as well that I just loved. Unfortunately it wasn't very well designed and fell off while riding to work last week.
What kind of tools do you keep around?


Jay Bazuzi said...

In the coin pocket of my carharts, I keep a small pocket knife. It's pretty junky, but having a blade is often handy, especially for helping the kids share an apple.

In my backpack I have a leatherman, a screwdriver with 4 tips, a set of hex wrenches, and a few fathoms of string. I'm hoping to be set if I'm out biking and something breaks.

In the car I have fofo's blue cloths, jumper cables, cloth & mylar blankets, and a pair of scrubs (they pack down small, and are great if a kid soils my jeans), and a survival kit of questionable value I got at work.

Jay Bazuzi said...


The backpack also has printed a few printed bus schedules and a couple bucks in quarters.

In the kitchen I keep my favorite full-size screwdrivers (1 philips, one flat, Craftsman professional), and a pair of miniature screwdrivers for glasses, computer parts, etc., and a pair of pliers.