March 12, 2007


I've published three articles on WikiHow:
1. Heal a Broken Toe
2. Cancel a check
3. Make Lock Pics with a Street Cleaner Bristle

The check canceling I wrote before I made an account. Too bad I can't claim it as my own. Post counts matter, right?

Remember when I was talking about trying to buy that minivan? Well Thursday night I got a call from the lady saying that the person interested in buying kept trying to talk her down too much in price and she finally got fed up. She asked me how much the Craig's list ad said the price was, I told her $1,500. She said it was supposed to be $2,000. Her friend's mistake apparently.

I met with her Friday morning and she drove me to her house in HPP 20 minuts outside of town. The van looked fine, but I insisted on taking it to a mechanic before purchasing it. I gave her a $500 deposit check so she didn't think I was running off with it, then I drove it to a mechanic in Hilo. While I was driving the check engine light came on and smoke was coming from under the hood. After a brief check by the mechanic he told me the following things were wrong:
Transmission and Axle Pan leaks
Sway bar ends are broken
Engine misfires
Belts cracking
2 Outer Tie Rods are worn
He hadn't hooked it up to the scanner to find out why the engine light was on and why it was misfiring, that would cost another $100. He quoted me $1,500 to fix the above problems. I called the owner and told her what was wrong and the quoted price to repair. She sounded surprised, told me she'd call me Saturday morning and hung up. I called her Saturday morning, evening;Sunday morning, afternoon and night. No word.

Getting suspicious she would cash my check and leave me with a worthless car I called and canceled my check. I checked WikiHow before calling because I didn't know what I'd need, saw there was no article and then wrote one after calling my bank.

Tomorrow morning I get to call the supervisor at the shop and explain the situation, give him the owner's contact information, call the owner one more time and hopefully be done with it. What a strange situation this has turned into.

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