March 20, 2007

Case of the Mondays

Today I opened the shop by myself. I usually enjoy this, because there's rarely more than one or two customers in by noon. That means two hours to clean up the lan while my boss isn't looking over my shoulder, I can often throw away small parts that aren't useful to anyone and it's nice having a little bit of alone time.

Today there was a person waiting to get in as soon as I got there. More and more people kept coming in. By the time my boss rolled in at two, the place was packed. What annoyed me though were the people that came in with a project to do but don't know how or don't want to do it themselves. For example one guy wanted a CD copied and another with just select songs. Easy enough right? But of course he doesn't know how to do it. So he needs me to help him.

The old lady that came in wanting to buy DVDs of Laugh In and Fractured Fair Tales. She wanted them, which meant she wanted me to look them up on Amazon. Amazon requires an email address to purchase content. She didn't have one and I refused to use my account, this confounded her. oh and could she bring in her beta tapes for me to convert them to VHS and DVD? Her visit ended with her telling me about the pfenning being made of steel with a thin copper coating.

The two Hawaiian ladies who brought in their DVI cam wanted to capture video and export it to DVD for their family to watch. Nobody has a clue how to do this "I'll let my tech work on it" I heard my boss say. Yippee. At least they brought some of the software. Horrible fluffware that didn't actually do what I wanted it to. They asked me to record all the video but in the end only wanted 2 minutes which they wanted put on their SVCD which whey thought was a DVD.

The low point of the day was when I lent a lady my usb drive, the keyring also had the store key on it. I got a "nice job shit-for-brains" from my boss.
The highlight was seeing someone play solitaire. He paid >$2.50 to do so. A pack of cards can be bought for about the same price and you can play it more than once, when there's no electricity, involve your friends, and not stare at a computer screen.

I don't have Jessie here so my blog gets to hear about my day.

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