January 11, 2014

Air filter

When I popped the trunk this morning I noticed the cabin air filter that I purchased about 4 months ago but never installed. It's sunny today so I decided to work on the car and take care of it.

It took about 15 minutes. The instructions I found in a forum post said there would be T25 Torx screws. I have T4 - T9 from computer work and a T70 from my Forester. I spent 5 minutes searching for a substitute driver only to find that the car actually takes Philips instead, and not Torx. 2.5 minutes was spent removing the old filter. I spent 5 minutes showing Wife the difference between the old and new filters. The remaining 2.5 minutes went to installing the new filter.
The car is a 2003 Jetta. The old filter is made in Germany, the new one is from China. The old filter is probably the original. That's 11 years with the same filter. Yikes.

I shook out the floor mats, applied armor-all to the interior, Rain-X externally and glass-cleaner to the interior glass, refilled the window washer fluid (labeled: For Summer use only) and replaced the battery in the fob.  I replaced the fuse for the cigarette lighter. I blew the fuse when I accidentally dropped my wedding ring into the power socket and saw a few sparks.

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