August 31, 2013

Device Mangler

Windows 7 SP1.  Fresh install. It has most of the drivers from the MDT pool which is nice but it's missing two devices:

  • network controller
  • unknown device
The network controller properties says Manufacturer: Unknown.  Toshiba's site lists three different possible vendors for Wifi on that model: Atheros, Broadcom and Realtek.   What about unknown device? How are you supposed to troubleshoot that?  What I really want to know is why. Why are you supposed to troubleshoot that?  

Those are major vendors.  The laptop has a Windows 7 certification sticker.  Even after SP1 Windows doesn't even know who built the NIC? I know MS doesn't make the hardware but surely it should be able to ID the major manufacturers of product that carry a Windows 7 sticker.

I hate it when people say "It's 2013, c'mon already!" but that's how I feel right now.  

At work I manage a lot of Apple products and these are problems that don't exist.  I have a lot of other problems with Apple but driver issues are not one of them.

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