April 21, 2013


I've rooted my phone.  My first root of a smart phone. Previously I had an iDevice I could not figure out how to Jailbreak, so my friend +Brent Ciszek took care of it for me.  After that I got an Optimus S from a coworker. My friend +cas baskin asked to look at it while I was looking at his baby.  He came back 15 minutes later with it rooted, running CM.

Rooting a several months old phone is easy. The longer a phone has been released the more time the rooting community has had time to work on getting root, then they usually end up packaging the steps into an app you have to download outside of the Play store. Usually the OP will have a fairly clean description of what needs to be done. 

The guides and files are posted on a forum with 20+ pages of "thanks yo'ur a god!" and "It didn't work, what do?".  The OP  it often named "sneaky1" or "SluttyDude".  Usually I'll read the OP and the first and last 3 pages. The gives the pulse of the success.  

This is really the only challenge; trust.

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