February 2, 2012

Nice Rack

I aquired this little AV half rack from work a couple of months ago and have slowly been consolidating my tech into it ever since. It's not a perfect fit for everything, the PE 1950 sticks out the back about 8" or so and is sitting on a shelf because Dell rails don't fit threaded holes. The printer is too big.

The Cisco gear is:
  • Catalyst 2950 switch
  • Catalyst 2960 switch
  • Cisco 2600 router
It's a beginner CCNA lab. I'd like to have at least one more router and another switch but this is working for now. It's nice to walk through the CBT Nuggets videos with and that's what matters.

The before picture is no gem, but the after picture is not much better.  I reorganized the shelf but to what end?  

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