August 23, 2011

In middle-school I was into Led Zepplin, high-school was Nine Inch Nails, 'college' I found hip hop. Now I can't stop listening to dubstep.  What's next?

I'm also studying for the CCENT and then the CCNA. $25 for two text books and I'm off and reading. A friend is also studying for his, we Skype on Sundays and review our reading. It keeps me honest and motivated. Study buddies are the best.

Jessie has been feeding me salads for lunch and al fresco for dinner. It's amazing.

Last night we canned blueberries with our friend. We made 4 jars and they're beautiful black gold.  A coworker was really blown away, when he realized what he was looking at I could see memories flooding his brain as he talked about canning with his grandmother as a child. He looked and me and said "this is an lost art!"

That's my life right now.

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