July 6, 2011

Server upgrade pt 2

I got all my data backed up to a few external drives to reconfigure the data array.

Installed 2008R2, but when I went to add the HyperV role I get an error saying my CPU doesn't support hardware assisted vitalization. Sadministrator. This is a hard stop for this project. It is not possible to get creative for a work around.

My options are to either not run any VMs, and install everything locally on one server or to buy a new server. The goal of having the VMs was to learn, to have a practice environment not in production. I can't test in a production environment.

Now I'm waiting for a Poweredge on sale. They used to have a entry level servers for $200, so that's what I'm looking for now. I'll run the server and when another machine comes along it'll be a good time to learn server migration.



kevin said...

Aww, that sucks! Did you check to make sure there's not some BIOS option to turn it on? I also want a server that supports virtualization. When you do look at your next CPU/server, you can double-check that it supports VT-x. I think almost all the Xeons support it, but still...

Socks said...

Definitely does not support VT-x

Motherboard does support it according to documentation.

It's disappointing for a c2q cpu to not support it.