April 4, 2010

One person's trash is another person's garbage

The last few months have seen us pretty poor money wise while I look for work.  However we live adjacent to an apartment building which is the last in a line of four apartment buildings. So many people live in such a small parcel of land, it's awesome. People here like to throw away things that are perfectly good. They don't have a use for them so they place it neatly in the dumpster, problem solved! Right?

This much population density and this attitude toward stuff means free stuff for me:
  • 1 x coffee table holding my server, printer and misc
  • 2 x trash cans, one in use, one in basement
  • 1 x deck chair on the... porch
  • 1 x silverware organizer
  • 2 x small stands / foot stool. used to elevate our LCDs
  • 5 x milk crates doing everything a milk crate does best
  • 1 x foot locker with children's toys. Locker is in excellent condition too. Most of the toys were passed to my aunt who works with kids with disabilities. 
  • 1 x metal bowl, probably a base for a Xmas tree, now holding a plant
It's pretty awesome. Some stuff I put on Freecycle but because we can't afford stuff for ourselves right now I end up using most of what I find. Either way, it stays out of the dump and sometimes it finds an awesome home.

Today I found a hibachi grill, a tiny little guy sitting on the top in th dumpster.  It was a little dirty but that's it.  I spent the afternoon cleaning it and am now looking forward to grilling food this summer.

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