November 10, 2009

Headphone cable

I have a fancy chair thanks to Vincent, it's seriously comfortable but the arm rests like to wrap my headphone cable around itself. It's so frustrating because it likes to tangle itself around the arm rests, wheels and base of the chair. For a while I was clipping the cable to my shirt and that helped a little bit but I don't always wear a shirt (cat sound!) at the computer. Today I had an epiphany and used a small hook to manage the problem. The majority of the cable sits on the other side of the hook creating enough weight to keep the cable retracted on that side instead of pooling around the chair.

1 comment:

kevin said...

I wonder if you could use some weights like washers or something to help even more with the cable-retraction thing. Also, I bet one of those circular eye hooks might also work pretty well, if the end of the cable fits through it. Or you could use a tiny pulley! But that might be overkill.

Anyway, brilliant idea. As I already told you. ;)