August 2, 2009

Because of Math

I fill my car with premium. It's more expensive, but less so now than when i was in High School. My senior year gas was $.82, $.92, $1.02 for low, mid and high grade, respectively.
So it was a 24% increase from low to high grade.

A decade later gas prices a have more than tripled. But the difference between low and high grade has remained the same. Now it's $3.05, $3.15, $3.25 again for low, mid and high grade, respectively. But now there's only a 6.5% increase from the low to high.

You should still put in whatever your manual suggests.

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Unknown said...

My new car asks for lowest grade, and I'd been putting mid-grade in the Scion for so long that it feels like I'm somehow treating this car worse for doing what it wants.