May 31, 2008

quick notes about the last few weeks.

I'm trying to get back into posting, it's been a month and a half it seems. The next few might be quantity over quality.

I fixed the date stamp.

TSA insisted she put her oil of olay bottle inside a bag. Unfortunately the only bag she had contained a half smoked cigar. TSA did not care.

You have to be someone incredibly special to put your seat back down during a flight.
You have to be a premier selfish cocksucker to do this when you're sitting in the Economy Plus section and you already have more leg room than the person behind you. But, when you're sitting in the emergency exit row of the Economy Plus section and you have more leg room than anyone else and I'm in regular coach class behind you, then you put your seat back down? Well. that's when I don't mind throwing my knee into the back of your seat.
For the remaining 5 hours of the flight.

Food on the mainland is cheap. We bought a load of groceries that would've cost >=$250 here, paid $85 at Ukrops. I miss cheap food.


Jay Bazuzi said...

What about when a kid keeps kicking the seat in front? (I see that a lot).

Sandy said...

I haven't had any kids behind me in a long time. I really don't mind too much, or a crying baby. I'll deal with a lot better than selfish pricks.

Unless the kid throws up or pees on me and only if they're not related to me.