April 25, 2007

is that how they talk on the mainland?

Having just returned from my trip back to the mainland yesterday, I'm still exhausted.
Here's a list of things I didn't like:
1. Driving
2. Other people driving
3. Other people not having/using turn signals while driving
4. Everyone in a rush
5. Being told that I don't listen to advice and I try to do too much when what I really need is help.
6. Not sleeping enough
7. Sleeping in a room with other people
8. Driving through DC with unexpected construction and having the detour put me going in the wrong direction
9. Missing Paul's wedding for the above
10. Missing my grandmother and aunt's birthday parties because of the above
11. Getting lost in rva
12. Adjacent passengers on airlines with a rat tail who growls intermittently and gives me the weird eye for eating vegan.
13. Funerals
14. listening to / hearing about Cho

Things I do like:
Seeing Sid & Gus, Joday & Chris, Marilyn
Eating Arabic food
Coming home to the Mz.

Glad to be back on the island.

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